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Frequently Asked Questions

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A DVR system is made up of a number of closed-circuit cameras that are all linked to a DVR device or a computer that can record digitally. Digital DVR systems are used to replace current analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. This type of device can be professionally set up.

We ensure the provision of various below-mentioned services through our Security DVR

  • Prevention of Crime
  • Industrial processes
  • Monitoring of Traffic
  • Safes Transportation
  • Events related to sports
  • Monitoring Employees
  • Institutional monitoring
  • Criminal use
  • Securing Homes

Fire alarms are quintessentially designed to protect our worthy clients, their families, and loved ones from any kind of accidental situation.

Records have the potential of keeping you in virtual contact with your home when you are not physically present there. Monitoring of home is done regardless of the space and time through it.

Brings enhancement to your experience with the customers. Buying behavior of every single purchaser can easily be tracked down and analysis of it can be done with the help of Video analytics system.

Best for the protection of the home from any place. A precisely designed IP network is available that helps in remote recording and monitoring.

Improve the security of your customers. Protect your customers, sales, and earnings by implementing real-time video verification.

Help keep track of changing environments. Cloud-based services and apps can be easily evaluated and monitored.

Access to high-quality, safe, and secure information. Protect your home safe and secure with authorized personal access.

Protect your home close by, no matter where you are. With improved smartphone accessibility, you can monitor and control your home’s equipment.